470 grams of ground turkey meat
2 eggs
1 cup breadcrumbs
¼ cup flour
500 grams spinach
500 grams of serrano ham or bacon
210 grs of cream cheese type
226 gr Plum and Figs Cabernet Nohue
Brown sugar, black sesame, Salt and pepper to taste.
Mix of green leaves, Olive, Lemon

Mix the ground meat with eggs and breadcrumbs, add salt, pepper and mix. Let stand in the refrigerator for 20 min.
After the time in the refrigerator, we stretch the mixture on a film paper, forming a square, add a little flour so that it does not stick on the hands.
It is filled with a layer of cream cheese, another fresh spinach leaves, serrano ham or bacon, Figs and Plums and figs to the Nohue cabernet with salt and pepper to taste.
Then we form a roll with the help of a paper film, the idea is to form a roll, leave it 20 min in the refrigerator and place in a fountain.
Paint the roll with the egg yolk, add brown sugar and black sesame, the idea is to form a crust layer.
We take the oven for 180 degrees about 35-40 min, the roll has to be golden
It must be allowed to cool in order to cut into slices.
serve accompanied by the mix of green leaves dressed with lemon and olive.
We can add Figs and plums Cabernet Nohue c at the time of serving.

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