(2 servings)
100 gr Soy Meat, 100 gr Quinoa 200 gr Oats, 300 gr Sofrito (Onion, Leek, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Celery in stems) 100 gr of Pea or Lentil Puree, Salt, Pepper.
Malbec Nohue tomatoes.
Hydrate the Soy Meat in 200 cc of Boiled Water. Cook the Mote and Quinoa for 20 minutes. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients: the hydrated soy, the quinoa, the dry oats, the pea or lentil puree, the sofrito and the dehydrated tomatoes. Add Salt, Pepper.
Assemble the Burgers, pass them through breadcrumbs and fry in Vegetable Oil.
Green rice
1 cup of Rice Grade 1, 3 tablespoons Pesto Piñon Rosemary, Salt, Olive oil.
Fry the Rice in the normal way with the Pesto Piñon Romero.
remaining to rice (2×1).