1-2 servings
1 kg of potatoes, 250 gr Flour, 1 Nutmeg Egg, Salt, Pepper, This Merken Nohue Pine Nut, Fresh Tomatoes, Basil Olive Oil, Chopped Chives and Stems, Grated Fresh Cheese
Boil the potatoes. Go through a puree or puree them hot. Add the egg, nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste. Knead and roll and cut them. They can be shaped with a fork or not. The technique to make them scratch is to rest the cube on the fork and push down while keeping pressure on the fork. Sauté the Gnocchi in a Pan or Wok in the Piñón Merken Pesto, with pieces of fresh Tomatoes and Basil. Serve with the chives and finish with grated fresh cheese

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